Perfecting the Mismatched Bridesmaids Look

Photo:  Sawyer Baird

Ever wonder why bridesmaids dress alike? A long held tradition, dating back to the Romans or the Middle Ages, depending on the source, bridesmaids were to dress alike (and just like the bride, in fact) to confuse evil spirits and draw attention away from the bride. Fast-forward to today, most wedding parties have stuck with the tradition but strayed from being so matchy-matchy. Here are our best tips for perfecting the mismatched bridesmaid look.



Create Some Parameters

There are four main factors when it comes to bridesmaid dresses: length, style, color/color palette, and fabric. We suggest keeping at least two factors the same for all girls and then varying the other two. In most cases, we suggest that the length always been the same across all bridesmaids. Here are some ideas and examples:

Option 1: Same Length, Color & Fabric / Different Styles

Photo: Maggie & Rachel Photography

Photo: Maggie & Rachel Photography


Option 2: Same Length & Fabric / Different Styles + Colors


Option 3: Same Length & Color / Different Styles & Fabric


Option 4: Same Length  / Different Styles, Fabric & Colors

Give Suggestions

Choose some designers or actual dresses that you like and share them with your bridesmaids. Be involved in helping them choose the dresses as well to ensure you both like the selection. Create a Pinterest board going or start an email chain to keep everyone looped in.

Be Different, but Inclusive

Be sure to include variety. You’re going for the mismatched look after all. Make sure none of the dresses are too similar. However, cohesive is key. Don’t allow for any outlying styles or colors that are going to completely ruin the collection of looks.


Every girl is different. Different styles, personalities, preferences, and body types. Make each and every bridesmaid feel equal parts beautiful and comfortable. Your squad will thank you for it.

Honor Thy Bridesmaids

Consider something to make your crew stand out. The laissez-faire, choose-whatever-ya-want approach seems great for all involved, but remember that you choose these ladies for a reason. You want them to stand by you on your most important day and in turn, you want to thank them for being by your side in life.

Complement Your Wedding Style

Most important of all — ask yourself if the looks you’ve chosen are appropriate for your wedding style. The length, fabric, colors, and formality should be aligned with the type of wedding you’re having.