Create the Ultimate Wedding Pinterest Board

Photo:  Kelly Berry

Pinterest can be one of the best tools for planning and designing a beautiful wedding, but it can sometimes feel like an overwhelming abyss rather than a useful resource. Whether working with self-proclaimed Pinterest pros or helping clients dive in for the first time, we have provided tips for our brides, no matter their level of pin-confidence. Here are our Top 12 Tips to help you create the Ultimate Wedding Pinterest Board:

1. Start Fresh

About 80% of our clients admit that they had some sort of dream wedding board before their fiancé put a ring on it. With so much gorgeous inspo out there, don’t feel ashamed if you’ve been bookmarking ideas onto “One Day” since your single years. However, as this new chapter is beginning, it’s time to start fresh. Create a brand new board, entitle it accordingly, make it secret if you like, and add any necessary contributors like your mom, event designer, or MOH. Pile in any pins you’re still loving and leave behind those that aren’t your jam anymore.

Photo:  Sawyer Baird
Photo:  Sawyer Baird

2. Follow the Pros

or any other Pinterest mavens that have gorgeous wedding style. No need to research for hours when you can fill your feed with excellent inspiration from others who know wedding style and trends. Consider wedding blogs and bridal magazines first, such as Style Me PrettyOnce WedMartha Stewart Weddings, and more. Also follow your wedding vendors, such as your photographer and planner. You hired them for their work, so continue to use them as a guiding light for inspiration.

3. Seek Tips & Advice, Not Just Pretty Pictures.

No matter what level of professional planning and design you have hired to help with your day, a lot can be learned from Pinterest. Though, just as if you were Googling away, not every source will provide the best information, our experience is that a lot of wedding etiquette, planning tips, and bridesmaid gift ideas can be found on Pinterest. Don’t underestimate what you can find — just consider the source.

4. Pin in Two Phases: Brainstorm & Selection.

At first, we always recommend dumping all of your ideas into one board, even if you haven’t nailed down specifics yet. Dream Big! But as your vision starts to take shape, only select ideas and inspiration that are relevant to the overall style of your wedding. It’s easy to curate a board of all things pretty, but the goal is to have a consistent and cohesive design at the end, so focus!

5. No Pressure!

We’re bringing this up now, not at the end, because it’s important. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or don’t think Pinterest is the tool for you, then don’t use it. We encourage our brides to use this resource if they’re comfortable as we know it can be a great for being a visual guide. However, you may find inspiration elsewhere or just find the process time-consuming or silly. No biggie!

6. Let Your Fiancé Help.  

No, seriously. Give your spouse to be the opportunity to give input. After all, it’s their day, too. Spend some snuggle time on the couch one evening searching for ideas and inspiration to personalize your day.  It’s oftentimes difficult to visualize certain details of the wedding, especially if your fiancé hasn’t been too involved in the planning process. Offer them some eye candy and be inspired together.

Photo:  Kelly Berry

7. Dedicate the Time.

If you’re pro-Pinterest, then put the time in to creating a complete wedding inspiration board. Don’t feel as though you have to do this in one sitting. Throughout your engagement and planning process, contribute to the board as you go, adding dresses before shopping appointments or place settings before your tasting. Consider this your virtual bulletin board.

8. Write Detailed Notes.

This one is IMPORTANT. We’re all guilty of speed-pinning just to get everything compiled. You’re on a roll, the wine in flowing… we get it! However, it’s so vital to notate what you like about the photo, not only for yourself, but for any vendors you share your board with. We could each look at the same photo of a bride holding a bouquet and interpret it in so many ways. Jot down what you like — is it the photo itself, the blooms used, the shape of the bouquet, the ribbon, or something else completely unrelated? Take note.

9. Get Personal.  

Don’t ever forget that your Pinterest board is meant to be a source of inspiration. That means that you (and your wedding vendors) should always strive to add a personal or unique spin to each detail.

10. Edit. 

We mentioned this in the selection tip, but it’s critical enough to say again. As you go through the process your focus should narrow and your vision should evolve. It’s ok to delete pins that are no longer relevant or make one final board with the top picks. Our design services include a one-page PDF mood board for our clients that pull color, style, and inspiration from many areas. We only display 10-12 photos to convey the overall design to vendors. Pinterest is an extension of that mood board. Instead of one bouquet photo, you may have three. Our point? Don’t have thirty bouquet photos.

Photo:  Sawyer Baird

11. Share with Vendors.

Loop in your pros. What good is a gorgeous board if none of the people who are actually making your day happen have seen it? Especially if you’re designing the wedding yourself, share your vision with your key team members, such as your florist, photographer, caterer, and rental company. Please also share this with your coordinator, even if they’re only executing the last month of your wedding. They should be overseeing the entire set-up process of your wedding day and it’s truly key to give them a peek inside your creative brain so they know what you’re expecting.

12. Know When to Stop.

At some point, the gown will be purchased, the wedding vendors booked, and all but the tiny design details are buttoned up. Be confident in your decisions and try not to back track. If you’re floral choices are made, refrain from going on a bloom bender and pulling pictures of arrangements two weeks before your wedding. Second-guessing can be dangerous and will just make you nervous for no reason. If you’ve created a clear vision and curated a fantastic team of vendors, your day is sure to be beautiful. So we must stress — stop pinning that last month of the wedding. We’ve had to cut brides off.. no really.

For some pinspiration, from Simply Charming Socials, follow us or Kristine’s personal page. If you need help with your wedding design, please inquire. We would love to hear from you!