A Stunning Winter Fete for



I first met Emily via Skype. She and Jon had moved to Sweden for work and planning a wedding across the pond isn’t exactly easy. We instantly connected over her love of organic florals, clean lines, and scrumptious linens. Designing and planning for her felt like second nature for me. We clicked so well on an aesthetic level and the amount of trust she put in me was an honor.

We chose a clean palate for the wedding: deep navy, crisp white, and the glimmer and glow of tarnished brass. As a girl who believes the bigger the bow, the better, it’s needless to say I was head over heels for Emily’s wedding gown. And as she and Jon flew home from Sweden to host their winter fete in January, the ensemble wouldn’t be complete without a fur shawl.

There were touches of their new home incorporated in, including a Swedish cake and candies. And their getaway car: something out of an old Hollywood movie. 



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