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Semi-Homemade Valentine’s Treats

As part of our Valentine’s Day Dessert Bar, we included a few semi-homemade goodies. These sweets are easy to create at home and give your desserts an extra sumthin-sumthin. From Heart-Shaped Whoopie Pies to Caramel Drizzle Shortbread Cookies to Sugared Champagne Flutes, here are three Valentine’s Day treats taken to the next level.

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Valentine’s Day Dessert Bar

To me, Valentine’s Day is best spent cozied up at home with your loves, whether that’s your fiancé and pup (like in my case) or your kids or your best girlfriends. And what a better way to celebrate your sweethearts than with sweets? My take on a Valentine’s Day Dessert Bar is a sugary array of goodies with personalized, lovey-dovey touches.

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